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The Christ Teachings: Our Purpose

If you are on a personal spiritual quest you have undoubtedly run into countless books, articles and websites claiming to be the message and teachings of Christ, Jesus, Jeshua ben Joseph and it seems that the books have been growing in number over the last 10 years. Probably the most famous up to this point is “The Course in Miracles” and related books. For the last 6 years I have been researching, locating and narrating lost spiritual classics for my website Audio Enlightenment and have had the occasion to uncover a large number of these works and even on occasion had the chance to interact with the authors / channels of these works.

It is not my intention to rate these works in any way, as each individual, although equal in the eyes of GOD to the next, is at different levels of unfoldment in their spiritual paths, so one work may resonate with them while another may not. That is not the fault of the author or message, it is just a reflection of the spiritual understanding of the individual.

The teachings will vary by way of delivery, most works were channeled, but there are individual cases, like Dr Murdo MacDonald Bayne that wrote “The Jesus Lectures” where over a period of 14 talks, there was an actual physical transfiguration ( a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state ) which was witnessed by hundreds of his students.

And while most authors of this generation use their names as authors / channels and then have a tendency to create cottage industry around their work, there are other cases like “The Recorder” who channeled “Christ Returns, Speaks His Truth” who lives anonymously and does not profit from her work.

I will be posting samples or complete works in audio format that is compatible for online streaming / apple compatible, and adding one new author / channel per month.

I believe that over time this website will become an incredible free resource for those looking for a valid spiritual teaching. Do not take your friends, Pastors or wife’s’ opinion on these spiritual teachings. This is YOUR journey and only YOU can decide which teaching resonates with your soul at this specific point on your path.

I find this an incredibly exciting, and valuable quest for all truth seekers. The chance to break free of the orthodox mindset and become a Co Creator once again is a journey of a lifetime, and remember, the lessons and truths learned in your lifetime, are the only possessions that will be of value to you on your ascension into the next step of spiritual evolution. These messages are beautiful, encouraging, wise and above all, accessible to all with a truly open heart.

Ask yourself this question: Do I want to be a christian, or do I want to be Christ like? There is a vast difference in both the question
and the answer.

A christian designates one day a week to put on their Sunday best, struggles with the kids and hard seats and muddles through the overly long sermons and the effort to make sure all the neighbors have seen their attendance. Week after week, month after month and year after year,and to no avail there is no discernible spiritual evolution.

To be Christ like, the true essence of Christianity, is to find the teachings and wisdom that resonate with YOU, study them, embrace them and then EXPRESS them in your daily life as Christ did, this is the true path to your spiritual evolution. Remember the words of a wise man:

“It is not our purpose to Praise GOD, It is our purpose to Express GOD,
and in that expression we find Praise in Motion.”
   b. peterson

Some thoughts on trying to copyright the Infinite:

I have some rather unusual personal thoughts regarding copyright on channeled works by Jesus and access to these works for the general public.

My first discovery of these works was “Christ Returns, Speaks His Truth” by The Recorder. They had a website online and you could and can download the PDF’s to the book freely and as I read this treatise I was dually impressed and wanted to share the teachings. I wrote several emails and received no response, so I proceeded to narrate the book and even created a separate website for the teachings. Then, 6 months or so I received an email from the Recorder asking me why I thought I had the right to narrate and put the works online. This was not an accusatory email, simply a question of inquiry. My response to her was  simply, that if indeed these were the words and thoughts of Christ, they did not belong to one individual but that the message was intended for the the world, and for the benefit of all GODS children. I did not sell the audios or works, they were all freely given as her works had been. She then graciously gave me her blessings for the site and I continued my quest.

I also feel that way for all current and past Christ channeling. There are 2 possible options, one, that the writings are works of fiction by the author / channeler, and in that case with a letter to that effect, I will remove the audios / books from this site. Second, these are the words and thoughts of the Christ consciousness, then indeed, they are a message for all. I ask all involved to take this website and its offering in the spirit in which it was intended, to spread the true teaching of Christ / Jesus / Jeshua ben Joseph to the world and allow the veils of ignorance to be parted.

ps. I will on occasion post my thoughts and commentary on what I have gleaned from my journey and interaction with these types of texts, some good, some, not so much.